• Solving the Requirements Crisis

    Hindsight Software provides enterprise grade tools and training to help companies integrate Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) into their software development process. BDD is an analysis technique for discovering and communicating software requirements between business stakeholders and software developers, a common failure point in many projects.

  • Behave Pro

    Our solution for composing, validating and delivering agile software requirements following Behaviour Driven Development. Integrates with JIRA OnDemand, Cucumber, SpecFlow and other leading tools for a seamless workflow.

  • Cucumber Reports for Bamboo

    The Cucumber report add-on allows Bamboo to collect and process test result reports from Cucumber, the popular Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) and Automated Testing tool. It displays the Cucumber results in a human friendly and readable form with the ability to drill down into errors and test failures.

The Requirements Crisis

With 50-60% of all software defects found during testing categorized as requirements issues, why are developers being paid to build software from already defective requirements? Costly rework, budget overruns and finished software not meeting customers needs are the end result. No wonder software projects fail so frequently.

The Challenge

A major cause of requirements related defects is due to miscommunication. Product owners, Business analysts, developers and testers are specialists from different domains. Written or verbal requirements from the Business analysts domain may not translate or be precisely understood by developers and testers.

The Challenge

The Solution

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) solves the problem by enhancing requirements with acceptance tests called Scenarios. Each scenario is an example of how the requirement should behave in a real world situation, seeing a requirement in use aids communication.

Behaviour Driven Development